We’ve told you how Diaper-Fresh! immediately starts working to break down and ELIMINATE odor-causing bacteria.

Now hear what our customers are saying about this revolutionary deodorizing product.

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Diaper Fresh is great! Finally a product that really works. As an Early Childhood educator, I work all day with eight to eleven children under twenty months. At this age, the children are constantly in need of fresh diapering. I may change more than twenty-five diapers in a single day. At that rate, offensive diaper odor becomes a real problem even though the soiled diaper container is emptied regularly. I am always worried that our Moms and Dads will be let down, thinking that their children are not in the freshest classroom environment. Since we began using Diaper Fresh, the offensive lingering diaper odor has been eliminated. And what’s really great is it doesn’t come back. It’s not like other products that just mask the diaper odor that creeps back later. Diaper Fresh completely eliminates it. And it is easy to use. Just a couple of sprays on the soiled diaper and I toss it. The odor is immediately gone. I don’t need to do anything else. It’s really easy and takes no extra time. As a mom at home, I would definitely use Diaper Fresh to keep my baby’s room always smelling fresh. There are so many times you just can’t take the diaper outside to the trash. Diaper Fresh has really made a difference. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to permanently eliminate offensive diaper odor from their baby’s nursery or from the early childhood classroom .

Erin, Toddler Room Teacher, St. Louis, MO


Recently, the staff at the Clayton Child Infant / Toddler Center started to use a product called Diaper-Fresh! This product was developed to eliminate the odor of diapers. We have been very pleased with the results of this product. Staff particularly noticed that at the end of the day after as many as 20 diaper changes, there was no noticeable odor in the classroom.

The Staff of the Clayton Child Infant / Toddler Center, St. Louis, MO


Diaper Fresh is a must have for any mother with a child in diapers! My kitchen used to smell like dirty diapers because I would wrap them in plastic bags and put them in the garbage can. The plastic bags wouldn’t contain the smell and the kitchen would really stink. I tried Diaper Fresh and the smell was gone. I counted eight dirty diapers in the trash can at once and there was absolutely NO smell. Just a little spray to the soiled area and the smell is gone. I highly recommend this product to all moms with children in diapers.

Niki E. – Mother of two, Crookston, MN


A genius must have invented Diaper-Fresh! It doesn’t mask odors like other products I’ve used. It actually breaks down and eradicates odor-causing bacteria with non-hazardous vegetative microbes. No bacteria = no unpleasant odors! Great job! Keep up the good work.

Lee Taylor