Diaper-Fresh! is available in Two Convenient Sizes

8 oz. Travel Size for On-The-Go Needs

32 oz. Bulk Size for Tough Jobs Around the House

Not Just for Diapers – Eliminate Odor All Over!

Diaper-Fresh! is safe to spray on anything. Use it to eliminate the smell of pet odors, smelly clothing, cooking odors, or any other unpleasant odors around the house.

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8 oz. Diaper-Fresh!

This is the perfect size for your diaper bag, purse or car.  Never leave home without it because you never know when that little stinker will have their way.  Just a couple of squirts directly on the dirty diaper, wrap it up tightly and the unpleasant odor goes away.

32 oz. Diaper-Fresh!

The 32 oz. size is great for home use.  Store a bottle in the nursery to use directly on the soiled cloth or disposable diaper. Keep one in the kitchen so you can have it handy for a quick spray or two directly into the diaper pail when you throw away the dirty diaper.


Diaper-Fresh! Laundry Detergent 

Put the odor busting power of Diaper-Fresh! to work with our new laundry detergent! Featuring all natural ingredients, Diaper-Fresh! laundry detergent easily neutralizes smells from clothing, bedding, and blankets, leaving your clothes feeling fresh and wonderfully clean. Try it today!