Diaper-Fresh! is 100% safe to use around babies, adults and pets.

Diaper-Fresh! does not temporarily mask odors. It INSTANTLY eliminates them at the source.


It’s easy to use – you don’t have to be a genius! Just spray Diaper-Fresh! two or three times from a distance of 6-8 inches lightly covering the soiled area of the diaper, wrap it up tightly, and dispose as you normally would. For cloth diapers we recommend  removing any solid waste before applying Diaper-Fresh and we suggest you strip your cloth diapers every so often. For even better results, squirt a couple sprays of Diaper-Fresh directly into your diaper pale or waste basket.

Remember if you don’t empty your diaper pail regularly, nothing will kill the smell of dirty diapers.

How it works

Diaper-Fresh actually breaks down and eradicates odor-causing bacteria. Our patented formula contains non-hazardous vegetative microbes that have one job: BREAK DOWN and ERADICATE odor-causing bacteria to eliminate offensive odors.

It’s safe to use on any surface.

Be a genius and use Diaper-Fresh where ever unpleasant odors exist!

  • Eliminates odors

  • All natural formula

  • Removes odor in diapers, diaper pails, clothing and more

  • Convenient and easy to use

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, free of chemicals, oils, detergents, perfumes and solvents

Directions: Remove waste from diaper. From a distance of 6-8 inches spray Diaper-Fresh! directly onto soiled diaper, lightly covering the soiled area.

For best results, spray directly onto soiled diaper making sure to cover the entire soiled area and dispose of diapers as usual. There is no need to soak diapers in Diaper-Fresh! Diaper-Fresh! works so well it eliminates the need for diaper pails.